I have created, contributed to and/or maintain a number of video games.

Games for Minetest


Screenshot of Repixture

Repixture is a mostly peaceful voxel sandbox survival game focusing on temperate biomes and simple technologies. I am the main developer. This is a fork of Pixture, but there is a lot of changes now.


Screenshot of Glitch

Glitch is a platformer game set in cyberspace. I made this in 3 weeks of hard work for the 2022 Minetest Game Jam and won.

I wrote a very detailed making-of.

Shadow Forest

Screenshot of Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest is an action RPG in which you’re the Wizard of Light on a quest to return the light in the land overrun by the Shadows.

I made this in 3 weeks of hard work for the 2023 Minetest Game Jam. It ranked 4th (out of 14).

I wrote a very detailed making-of.

Hades Revisited

Screenshot of Hades Revisted

Hades Revisited is a work in progress. It is supposed to become a voxel game in which you’re terraforming the volcanic planet Hades and spread life. This game is still heavily incomplete. I am the main developer.

MineClone 2

Screenshot of MineClone 2

MineClone 2 is a voxel sandbox that is meant to be a (mostly) faithful Minecraft clone. The project started as a fork of MineClone by davedevils which was basically just more a skeleton of a game than an actual game. It was one of my biggest projects and I have developed this game from 2018 to 2021, then I have lost interest and I have given the project to other people to work on.

I am no longer associated with MineClone 2.


Screenshot of the Tutorial for Minetest

I’ve created a simple Tutorial to teach the basics of Minetest. It has helped many newcomers to get started.

Other Minetest stuff

Apart from games, I’ve also made numerous mods and other contributions to Minetest. Hop over to my Minetest page.

Other Games


Screenshot of Hedgewars

Hedgewars is a artillery game with hedgehogs. This is a huge collaborative project. I did not start this project, but I have joined the core development team and worked hard in making version 1.0.0 a reality. The project leader is unC0Rr.

Inactive projects

See Inactive Game Projects.