Published at: 21 Mar 2023

List of Unit-Testing Software with a Name like “JUnit”

I wrote this just for fun. I’ve noticed there is a lot of unit-testing frameworks with a name of the form “JUnit”, where the “J” could be replaced by single character from A-Z or a-z.

In the following list, I have compiled a list of all known unit-testing frameworks, proprietary or not, that have a name matching this form. This list is case-insensitive. Also, special characters like a hyphen are also allowed in the name. The column “Language/Environment” shows which language or environment is supposed to be unit-tested.

List of unit-testing software with a name like “JUnit”
Character Name Language/Environment
A AUnit Ada
B bUnit Blazor components (.NET)
bunit Bash
C CUnit C
D DUnit Delphi
E EUnit Elements
EUnit Erlang
F FUnit ActionScript
FUnit Fortran
H HUnit Haskell
J JUnit Java
K KUnit Linux kernel
L lunit Lua
L-Unit Lasso
M munit Haxe
MUnit Matlab
N NUnit .NET
O OUnit OCaml
Q QUnit JavaScript
R RUnit R
Runit Rebol
S SUnit Smalltalk
T t-unit Tcl
TUnit TinyOS/nesC
U UUnit Unity
V VUnit VHDL / SystemVerilog
W WUnit XML, web applications
Y YUnit VisualStudio
Z zUnit IBM mainframes
ZUnit Zope

Several things are noteworthy:

Additional to unit-testing, there are also other softwares with a matching name but they have nothing to do with unit-testing:

So if you count these softwares as well, then the entire alphabet is occupied. The only wiggle room you have is by playing with case.

Please choose a name more creative than “AUnit”, “BUnit”, “CUnit”, etc. if you want to create a new unit-testing framework. :-)

Fun fact: G-Unit is also a hip-hop band but this obviously has nothing to do with unit tests.

Disclaimer: No mention in this list should be read as an official endorsements of any of these softwares. This list was created just for fun.