Contributions to Stunt Rally

Stunt Rally is a rallye racing game created by CryHam.


I have created a couple of tracks for Stunt Rally, many of which have made it into the official game. Here I showcase all the tracks I created.

Hint: On the Stunt Rally website you can find an overview of all official tracks.

Forest tracks


Screenshot Atm6-Sunset

Simple autumn track.


Screenshot For17-BadCamber

A track with long curves which have been tilted away from the curve, making it very annoying to drive.


Screenshot Mos3-Air

Simple, fast figure-8-track with a short jump.

Winter tracks


Screenshot Wnt12-Peaks

My very first track! Short, banked road high in the icy peaks of mountains. The official version has a greatly improved scenery by CryHam. Go here for a screenshot of an older version of this track, before CryHam touched it.


Screenshot Wnt13-MtFog

A broad but yet dangerous road in dense fog. Drive carefully and watch out for grass for orientation.


Screenshot Wnt15-SkiJump

A track with a deep drop and jump on the snow. Landing safe, rather than flying far, is the key to success. Reverse direction is very hard without boost.

Desert tracks


Screenshot Des13-Winding

A fast easy pipe track in the middle of the desert. With few circles and a winding part.

Volcano tracks


Screenshot Vlc4-Spikeland

This is a short and very bumpy track. Your best bet is to drive slowly and carefully.


Screenshot Vlc5-Sad

Dark, long, muddy, bumpy and slippery road. Has few wide curves but partly slow and winding.


Screenshot Vlc8-Uncertain

Covered with fog, long and bumpy track with narrow road near dangerous abysses.


Screenshot VlcMtSulphur

A long, tricky and bumpy track around an old dusty volcano in a dark jungle. Only for skilled drivers.

Strange tracks


Screenshot Oth1-FogCity

An all-asphalt all-bridge track around some sky scrapers in a foggy city.


Screenshot Sur1-Surreal

A long, fast and challenging track in a surreal world.

Unofficial tracks

These tracks/thumbnails did not make it into the official game:


Screenshot of Wave

A simple track that goes up and down. You can download it here or here.

Released under the GNU GPLv3 or any later version of this license.


Screenshot A7-OldMine

Drive around an abandoned mine near a ghost time. A variation of the official track Aus7-CityMine. I changed the track to a more rural setting, which I like more. Download here or here.

Released under the GNU GPLv3 or any later version of this license.