Contributions to Minetest


Minetest is a game engine for voxel games. It is free software and distributed free of charge.

My involvement

Minetest is developed by a large community of volunteers, and I am part of it. I have created a lot of things for Minetest and I’m also very active in the forums.

My core involvement in Minetest is not Minetest itself, but by creating a large number of mods and a few games. Some of my projects are forks.


I made or maintain a few games for Minetest. This includes Repixture, Glitch and Hades Revisited. I’ve also started MineClone 2, but I’ve handed over the development to other people.

See the Games page for details.


I maintain a lot of mods for Minetest. Some of these are my own creations, some are forks, and some of them I have picked up for maintenance. Here are the most noteworthy ones:

Own creations

This section is for mods I have created on my own, or mostly on my own.

Flying Carpet
Screenshot of Minetest mod “Flying Carpet”

Fly through the world quickly with a flying carpet.

Easy Vending Machines
Screenshot of Minetest mod “Easy Vending Machines”

Vending machines to buy and sell items on multiplayer servers.

Technically, this mod is actually a fork but it is now so far removed from the original that I count this as an own creation.

Help modpack
Screenshot of the “Help” Minetest modpack

The Help modpack is a sophisticated in-game help system consisting of 5 mods. It allows games to add extensive in-game documentation. It’s being used in MineClone 2.

HUD Bars
Screenshot of the “HUD Bars” Minetest mod

Replaces the default “statbars” (icons that show your health, breath, etc.) with progress-bar-like indicators. This mod is being used in a lot of servers.

I also created a few extra mods to support armor and hunger mechanics.

Schematics Editor
Screenshot of the Minetest mod “Schematics Editor”

A tool to create schematic files which store a part of the Minetest world in a *.mts file. This tool has been very important for the development of my Minetest games, including MineClone 2, Repixture and Glitch.

Perlin Explorer
Screenshot of the Minetest mod “Perlin Explorer”

A mod for developers. It is a tool to preview the generation of 2D and 3D Perlin noise using custom parameters. Perlin noise is used in Minetest to create the shape of the terrain, among other teams. I wrote this tool to make it easier to preview the result of world generation. I have also used this tool to build two levels for Glitch.

L-System Tree Utility
Screenshot of the Minetest mod “L-System Tree Utility”

A mod for developers and nerds. With this you can spawn structures based on L-systems. This mod doesn’t implement L-systems itself but merely exposes a feature from Minetest. I haven’t used this tool productively yet.

Forked mods

The mods in this section are forks, i.e. derivative works of existing mods from other people. Although not originally by me, I still have put significant work into these.

Rail Corridors
Screenshot of Minetest mod “Rail Corridors”

Generates simple rail corridors, mineshafts and loot underground.

Screenshot of Minetest mod “Pyramids”

Generates pyramids with treasures in the desert.

In my version of this mod, the pyramid interior is random so the pyramids are more unique.

Screenshot of the Minetest mod “X-Decor-libre”

A decoration mod with a couple of gameplay additions such as a workbench, enchanting, cooking and even a functional Chess game.

Originally it was started by Minetest user kilbith (also known as “jp”) with the name “X-Decor” who wrote the initial code and created the initial artwork for the mod. Later, I have forked this mod only to replace a few non-free files to create a fully free software version. But later I have started to work a lot on bugfixes as there were plenty of bugs. I do not add any new decorations for compatibility reasons.

Most notably, I have completely reworked Chess because it was very broken.

Maintained mods

To support the development of others, I have decided to become the maintainer of two existing mods known from the A.E.S. server, mostly for polishing and bugfixes.

Screenshot of the Minetest mod “Tntrun”

Tntrun is a minigame where players spawn on a layer of falling TNT and the last player standing wins.

I’ve added particle and sound effects and tools for level editing.

Screenshot of the Minetest mod “TNTTag”

TNTTag is a minigame in which players “tag” each other with TNT to make them explode when the timer hits 0.

I’ve added explosion particles and sound effects.

More Minetest mods

Other mods I created or maintain include:

See my ContentDB profile page and the Minetest Wiki user page for a more complete list.

Core development

I have contributed various improvements and bugfixes to Minetest. Hundreds of changes have been accepted so far and they are all over the place. Here’s a list of highlights:


I have spent a lot of time working on the Minetest Wiki and Minetest Developer Wiki. I also occasionally added minor improvements to the official Lua API documentation.


I actively maintain the German translation of Minetest and Minetest Game as well as my own projects (games and mods). I occasionally contribute translations to other mods in the Minetest community.

Development tools

Minetest Translation Tools

I maintain Minetest Translation Tools, a set of scripts to create, update, verify and convert the *.tr files. These files are used for translations of mods and games in Minetest. I’m using these tools all the time when dealing with my Minetest games and mods; they’ve saved so much time. With the checker tool I have uncovered numerous bugs in translation files of several mods.

The updater tool is a fork from update_translations but I’ve added many features and bugfixes to make it more useful. As of October 2023, this tool has been officially included in Minetest.


In Minetest, biomes are areas that differ in types of surface and underground blocks (dirt, stone, sand, etc.) as well as vegetation and other extras. Biomes include areas like forests, deserts, jungles, arctic lands, grasslands, savannas, tundras, taigas, etc.

But it’s always a challenge for developers because we have to define for each biome a heat and humidity value but looking only at number, it’s easy to lose track and get things imbalanced, like biomes may have bad borders (like a desert bordering directly to a cold tundra), or being too large or too small.

That’s where MiBPoV (the Minetest Biome Point Visualizer) comes into play. I created this tool which makes it easy to visualize the heat and humidity points by putting them on a Voronoi diagram, making it much easier to design good biomes.

My favourite servers

I like these Minetest servers the most: